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A better approach in managing Queensland's flying-fox roosts

 The Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell recently announced that the Queensland Government is developing a new approach to managing flying-fox roosts in defined urban areas.
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Bats - marvels of engineering reveal their secrets


Saturday 27 April 2013 12:42PM

Bats have amazing aeronautical powers. For their weight, they can fly quite slowly, somehow generating the required lift. How do they do it? Sharon Swartz describes her study of bats and how her findings could be utilised by engineers.

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Barbed Wire search - 25/04/2013

found these two.. damn it!
not alive.

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HELP! required. re Queensland, Australia, Bat Policies

Life for flying-foxes will continue to get worse if we, as individuals do not fight back against harmful policies and legislative changes by the Qld government.

We beg you to please send emails to all of the people listed below who have the ability to influence some of the decision making. Apparently the anti bat correspondence is flooding into EHP and there are NO emails/correspondence from people who are pro-bat.

Please spend a few minutes and send a few emails, if you could do this once a month it could very well change the shameful direction we are currently headed.

Here is a draft email for you to use as a guide to send to the government contacts listed at the bottom of this email.

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96 - netting rescue - 07/04/2013

Bunnings Warehouse netting!
this is the worst netting rescue that has been done in our eyes.

I am way past the point. I do not want to do these rescues!  It is so wrong that a product, that clearly does not do what it is suppose to do, is still being sold, when an alternative is available. HailGuard.